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Best Password Manager Apps for Startups in 2016

Since you started using the internet, using password is one of the necessary evil. Although you have security and firewall in place, there is always a chance of a breach. So the best way to avoid them, keep changing the passwords. Here is a list of the best password manager apps available in 2016.

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best to do list app - featured

Best To-Do List app for you in 2016

Managing your to-do list can become overwhelming with conventional methods. Yet, the benefits from them are too good to resist. Lucky for us that there are so many mobile apps which do the similar things digitally. So here is a list of best to-do list app in the market today.

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task list - featured

Task List Management using Simple Techniques

Since you have started your business, lot of items has automatically added to your Task List. So you should start organising them before it becomes a nightmare to handle. Hence let me give you some task list management techniques to handle them.

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mailing list - featured

5 things you must know about building a Mailing List

In todays world, having a customer base is the most important thing to your success. So it all starts with building up an extensive mailing list. Hence it will help you achieve the success which you are looking for. So let me share with you few of the list building secrets commonly followed in email marketing.

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how to use wordpress - featured

How to use WordPress for Company Website

WordPress is the most popular content management system on the web. Also it helps you to have your first website up and running live. So it lets you to be open to the market faster without spending too much for development. Therefore, in this article I am going to teach you how to use WordPress to create your company website.

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web hosting services

Web Hosting Services for your Website

Why do you need Web Hosting Services? So here is your answer. You need a web host so that you can share your files with other people on Internet. In addition these files can be your blog, your company website, a complete application or simply a photo gallery. Thus what ever may be your requirement, […]

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