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5 things you must know about building a Mailing List

In todays world, having a customer base is the most important thing to your success. So it all starts with building up an extensive mailing list. Hence it will help you achieve the success which you are looking for. So let me share with you few of the list building secrets commonly followed in email marketing.

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Step 1: Subscribe to your mailing list

You should ensure that it is very easy and simple to join your mailing list. Also no one likes to go through complex steps which consume their precious time. Hence if you don’t keep it simple your users will go to another website. Therefore try to keep it simple by showing a clear signup box. In addition make it clear that your mailing list works on double opt method. So the flow is as follows:

  1. First of all user enters the email address.
  2. And then clicks on the signup button.
  3. Now the autoresponder sends an email to the user with a confirmation link.
  4. The user clicks the confirmation link.
  5. User joins your mailing list.
  6. Finally the autoresponder sends a welcome email.

Step 2: Unsubscribe from your mailing list

While you may not like your subscribers to leave, yet you have the accept the reality. Since the priorities of people change overtime, they might not need the emails on your topic any more. Therefore you should always make it simple for the users to unsubscribe.

Also you tell them upfront that they have the option of unsubscribing from your email list any time they want. This might increase the chances of joining your mailing list.


Step 3: Keep in Touch

User have trusted you and joined your mailing list. So it is upto you to welcome and keep in touch with them on regular basis. Also make sure you send newsletter frequently. Hence at once a week will not be bad idea. And you should make sure that you send at-least once a month. In addition these newsletters will help you stay connected with your users and remind them about you. Also you can showcase you knowledge and promote your products or services through the newsletters.


Step 4: Value Addition

Although you are tempted to promote your products and services, you should share helpful and valuable information with your users. It would not be a bad idea to educate them on the topic before promoting your offer.  Since no one likes to be spammed, it will help your avoid high rate of unsubscribes.


Step 5: Seek for Subscribers to your Mailing List

Because of the growth of internet, more and more users are using the internet. Yet, it is not easy to get them to join your mailing list. You have some website competing for attention of the users. Therefore you should generate valuable contents to attract the users. So remembers the more value you add to the user, higher the chances of the user joining your newsletter.

In addition you visit the websites, blogs, groups and chats which are relevant to your business. It will be easy for you to reach the potential customers, waiting to hear from you.


I have tried to explain you in gist the importance of have a mailing list. So now you utilise some these ideas start working on building up your mailing list.

Here is a course on list building which you can enroll for free.

Do share in comments below how you are connecting with your current customers. And whether you are planning to start a mailing list to connect with your customers.

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