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Best Password Manager Apps for Startups in 2016

Since you started using the internet, using password is one of the necessary evil. Although you have security and firewall in place, there is always a chance of a breach. So the best way to avoid them, keep changing the passwords. Here is a list of the best password manager apps available in 2016.

Why do Startups need a Password  Manager?

As you start your business the first things that take up you mind are passwords. From hosting and domains to project management tools. From servers to mobiles, everywhere you need to enter passwords. And as you grow your team you have to start sharing few of them. It is a good habit to change the password regularly. So you will have to pass on the changed password regularly. Hence the best way is to automate this. And you can easily do this using some of the password managers available in the market.

List of Best Password Manager Apps

So here is a list of the best password manager apps available in the market today.

1. LastPass

best password manager - lastpass

Lastpass is one of the oldest password manager in the market. In addition to that it has become the no 1 choices as password managers among the users. Because of its low starting price and seamless performance across multiple platforms, it is very popular. Also It stores the password on its cloud and suggest to delete any presence on your local machine. So the reason it made this list is the secured sharing aspect of the passwords among the team. Consequently the two factor authentication increases its security. So it is a must to have password manager in your arsenal as a Startup. Also because it is free you can always keep it for personal use.


iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Web, Windows, Mac, Browser Extensions (Available for all popular browsers)

2. Dashlane

best password manager - dashlane

Dashlane has been climbing the ladders in the recent years. It is now among the top 3 password managers in the world. You will find an awesome testimonial of Dashlane on Wall Street Journal:

“Neither Dashlane nor a hacker (or government agency) breaking into the company’s systems could access your data without knowing your master password. This setup prevented Dashlane from even being vulnerable to the recent Heartbleed security catastrophe.”
– Geoffrey A. Fowler, Wall Street Journal

So you can use Dashlane Business for your startup to have a secured sharing of passwords.


Android, iPhone, Mac

3. 1Password

best password manager - 1password

1Password had set the industry standard which most of the password managers are following today. In addition they are one of the oldest and the strongest player in the market. Also there was a time when they were unbeatable on top, specially in the apple eco space. And there is no doubt that they have one of the best designed apps for last 7 years. Because of their high pricing they loose out the competition to others as the best password manager. Although the price high, you can consider them for your business. And no doubt they are strong contenders to be the part of your arsenal.


iPhione, Android, Mac, Windows (Beta), Browser


Finally it is upto your requirement and budget to choose the password manager. Yet, this is something which you should not keep it waiting for long. Because sharing of the password start on the day you start adding people to your team. Also do share which password manager you are using in the comments below. I am eager to know about it.

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