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Best To-Do List app for you in 2016

Managing your to-do list can become overwhelming with conventional methods. Yet, the benefits from them are too good to resist. Lucky for us that there are so many mobile apps which do the similar things digitally. So here is a list of best to-do list app in the market today.

1. Todoist

best to do list app - todist

It is one of the most popular to-do list app across the app stores. In addition is has presence on more than 10 different platform. Thus making it easier for you to work on multiple devices. Also you can gradually scale from a personal to-do list manager to a collaborative team task manager. Finally it has an elegant design making the use of the app very easy.


  • Web
  • Android
    • Phone
    • Tablet
    • Wear
  • iOS
    • iPhone
    • iPad
    • Apple Watch
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Email
    • Outlook
    • Gmail

2. Wunderlist

best to-do list app - wunderlist

You are seeing Wunderlist in the market for a long time. Microsoft acquired Wunderlist recently. So the app will not have any funding issues. And you will be amazed at the simplicity of the app. And to top it, the app is available across all popular platforms, syncing smoothly without much of a glitch. Also you can use the app even when it is offline, how cooler can it get.


  • Mac.
  • Android.
  • iPhone.
  • Android Tablet.
  • iPad.
  • Web.
  • Apple Watch.
  • Window Phone.
  • Windows 7 & 8.
  • Chromebook.

3. Any.Do

best to do list app -

Any.Do is a productivity app which is mainly for your personal to-do list. Because it doesn’t has lot of complexity which you find in other apps, it is very very simple. Also it has a clear design and has a soothing experience to your eyes and mind. SO this helps you to organise yourself better. Finally like others it also has a seamless syncing and.


  • Web
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Chrome
  • Mac

What is the best to-do list app for you?

Finally I am eager to know what app you are using to manage your personal to-do list. So share it in the comments below. Also write about the features which you like the most in the app.

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