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Brainstorming Techniques for your Ideas and Goals

When you are working on a Startup, it is common to start a brainstorming session in the early phase. So here are some of the brainstorming techniques which you can use while discussing.

1. Changing the Perspective

This is one of the most effective technique among all the brainstorming techniques. It lets you keep yourself in others shoes and think over.

  • Time Travel: In this technique, you will take yourself in the past or in the future. May be few years or even 1000s of years. The main idea behind the technique is how would you handle the situation then. So taking yourself out of the current situation can help you in generating new ideas. Because of your current scenario you were not getting these ideas.
  • Teleporting: When you are brainstorming you do something similar to what you did in Time Travel. You take yourself out of the current place. And then teleport yourself to some other place.
  • Figuring: You put yourself in other’s shoe and think over. The other person can be a celebrity or someone who has come out of similar situation as yours.
  • Role Change: Here you keep yourself in the shoes of parents, teachers, managers, and then do the brain storming. This will make you think how would they handle the situation.
  • Super Power: This is a technique where you start to think of yourself as a superhuman with unlimited power. Removing all the barriers and constraint, gives you immense freedom while brainstorming.

2. Mind Mapping

You will start mind mapping technique by putting the goal or problem in the centre. And then you start branching it out. So start by adding subtopics as branches, branching out with each sub topic. Also make sure you keep on branching till you are out of ideas.

3. Gap Filling

Your will draw 2 points as far apart on the paper. The 2 points are, the current situation and the goal which you want to achieve. So start filling the the gaps by entering the tasks to achieve the goal. Also you will have multiple paths to reach your goal.

4. Just write

You will need to pick up a pen and paper and just write for about 10 to 15 minutes. Also make sure that you don’t stop, just keep on writing.

5. Reverse Psychology

You reverse your objective. So instead of trying to achieve your goal you try to stop from achieving the goal. Also do just the opposite of what you have written.

6. SWOT Analysis

Do a SWOT of your situation by identifying your:

  • Strengths.
  • Weakness.
  • Opportunities.
  • Threats.

Thus you open up to new ideas which you were not aware of.

7. Group Storming

You work in a group, so that you can discuss on the ideas. This will get you ideas from multiple people. So more and more creative ideas flow in.

brainstorming techniques in group

8. Sheet Rotation

You get a group of people or the team members in a room in a circle. Also keep same number of sheet and pen ready with you. Then give a sheet and a pen to each member. And ask them to write for 5-10 minutes on the brainstorming topic. Now ask them to pass the paper to the person on the right. Repeat this till every one has written on each other’s sheet. This will give you a huge set of ideas.

9. Elimination

Go ahead and just write on the topic and make a list. Now keep on comparing one to one. Also eliminate the one which you don’t like. Finally you will get the ultimate solution.

10. Revisiting & Eliminating

You can club this techniques with others. So list down all the results you got from the brain storming. Now divide the list into two equal halves, keeping the one which you like more and eliminating the other. Now revisit the list after few days. Repeat the process till you get the result.

Which Brainstorming Techniques do you use?

I am really eager to know which of the above brainstorming techniques do you use. Also do share if any other techniques you are using, I will try to add it to the list.

If this article really helps you in any way then do mention it in the comments below. I would really like to know about it. It will motivate me to continue write more articles.


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