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Brainstorming Tools for your Ideas and Goals

In this article I will share with you some of the popular brainstorming tools used in the industry. Also you can divide the tools into 2 categories, physical tools and digital tools.

Physical Brainstorming Tools

1. Pen and Paper

So to start here is one of the most popular resource used for brainstorming. Also you will find it in all the meeting rooms. And even today we all keep at least one set in our office bag.

2. Blackboard and Chalk

A common brainstorming tool used in the pre Information Technology era.

3. Whiteboard and Marker

Since the rise of Information Technology, whiteboards and marker became very popular. Hence a conference room is incomplete without a whiteboard and a marker.

4. Sticky Notes

So you want your brainstorming to span multiple sessions, why not use these.

5. Collage of Cuttings and Pin Board

You take picture cuttings and pin them to make a collage while brainstorming.

Digital Brainstorming Tools

Since the rise of gadgets like smartphones, the growth of digital tools took a giant leap. So here are the tools which you can use while brainstorming.

Mind Mapping Apps as Brainstorming Tools

Mind mapping is the process of using visual diagrams to show the relationships between ideas or information. Also its popular uses include project planning, collecting and organizing thoughts, brainstorming and presentations. Hence all in order to help solve problems, map out resources and uncover new ideas. Here are some of the apps:

1. FreeMind

brainstorming tools - freemind

 2. Mindmeister

brainstorming tools - mindmeister

3. MindNode

brainstorming tools - mindnode

Note Taking Apps

Finally you can use note apps to store the ideas generated while brainstorming and organize them. In addition digital notes has many advantages on the physical notes. Also you can make changes to them very easily. So here are some of the popular note taking apps.


brainstorming tools - evernote 1

brainstorming tools - evernote 2

One Note

brainstorming tools - onenote

Google Keep

brainstorming tools - google keep


So here you have some of the essential tools which you can use while brainstorming. Also store your notes and ideas securely on cloud using the note tools.

Finally I am eager to know what tools you are using for brainstorming. So go ahead and share below.


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