Company Name Generator tools for Startups

Did you know that most of the companies start building up their business before finalising on the company name? As a result some of the companies even keep a temporary name before deciding on a brand name. Consequently it has even led them to have different company name and brand name. Therefore Company Name Generator tools are incredible tools which will help you search for the best possible name for your business at the start itself.

So here are some of the top online company name generator tools available for free:

1. Namemesh – Startup Company Name Generator.

Namemesh is an awesome tool which helps to generate a list of name for your company. First of all it generates the list by combining a set of prefix and suffix to the main keyword.

And here is how the screen looks like when you open the page.

Namemesh Startup Company Name Generator

Along with generating the Namemesh also checks for domain availability. Furthermore it checks for domains using predefined criteria as mentioned in the coloured boxes. Some of the criteria it uses are :

  • COMMON – Check availability for the popular tlds like com, net, org and country specific tlds. Also suggests names separated by hyphens.
  • SIMILAR – Generate highly relevant name suggestions which are closely related to the primary keywords searched for.
  • NEW – New gtlds domain availabilty check tool.
  • SEO – It can be a very important factor for your new company name. Using main keywords can help users understand your business very well.
  • SHORT – This is a naming technique in which the tld itself is the part of the name. Hence, these tend to be short and brandable. Some examples would include, etc.
  • FUN – Break, join, replace and rearrange words together to create new words. It’s perfect for generating brandable company names.
  • EXTRA – Other popular tlds are checked for availability. These includes some recently popular ones like .io and .co and others that go well with most of the words like .ly, .it and .me.
  • MIX – Mixing involves generating names by merging into some common and small suffixes and some dictionary words.

2. Shopify – Free Company Name Generator.

Shopify is a simple online tool for generating company names. Especially relevant is that the list which it produces is something which you will like. As a result most of the names which it generates can be used for business. Also here is what it looks like:

Shopify Company Name Generator

Also Shopify says that you can get the name you like within seconds. Yet if not in seconds, it does generate list of names from which you can choose one for your business. Most noteworthy is that the names does stand out.

In addition, like others it also shows you only those names which have domain name available.

3. CoolNameIdeas – Business Name Generator.

CoolNameIdeas has slightly different way of generating names. First of all it takes multiple inputs paramters before generating the list.

So here are the input parameters for generating the names are :

  • Word(s) that describe your Business.
  • Type of Business are you naming.
  • Benefit(s) will your Business bring to the Customer.
  • Style of Business are you naming.
  • Domain Extension Preference.

Here is what is looks like:

CoolNameIdeas Company Name Generator

Finally you will have to click on links to check if the domain is available or not.

4. – Helps find your domains.

As company name search is also searching for available domains, so here I have included First of all, it is the same tool which I had been using for more than 6 years. So most of the domains I have purchased have come up from the results of

So here is what it looks like:

123Finder Domain Serach Tool

First of all, it is not a company name generator, yet it helps in finding the name, because it matters a lot whether the domain of your company is available or not. In addition it shows you the result sorted in the order of domain name length.


Finally, it is upto you to make a choice which tool to use for your Startup. In addition to the above there are many more company name generator tools. Yet it all comes down to the questions which suits you well. So, it might be that one of the tool suits you well, and the other doesn’t.

Consequently this list will always have a scope to add some more tools. So if you use any other tool let me know. Also share how good are the tools.

Finally, if you have any comments or queries, then you can add them below. I will try to answer them.


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