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Do you have an Idea for any Invention?

It is so rare nowadays to find people who invent. So if your startup has an invention then you are automatically in limelight. Checkout why it is so important.

Inventions around you

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Try to remember when you had last explored the small things around you. So let us do some small exercise. Take your eyes of your computer screen and start exploring the world around you. Also focus on the objects made by us, the humans. You will see that nature has not given you everything. In addition there are things which you use in you day to day activity. Yet you had never realised that it has taken someone to invent that object. So most of the object around you are not from nature. A whole group of people or team might have worked to bring that invention to you. Therefore making life easier for us to live. So Inventors bring these things to you.

Importance of Invention to Modern Society

So let us go back to our school days. Do you remember when your History teacher told you about the inventors? Also how he or she shared the importance of their inventions to the modern world. In addition how their invention made our life easy.

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Take for example your car. It has so many parts. Each parts had gone through different phases of inventions by some many inventors. You car has tyre which started with the invention of wheel. So many changes and inventions have gone into it to make it more comfortable for us. Thus inventions and inventors are necessary for growth of our society.

Can you be an Inventor?

Inventions are those miracles which can change lives of people. So it is normal to expect that the people behind inventing things will be an expert like engineers.  Yet it is not true. You just need an eye to be an inventor? You don’t need to look for uncommon things, rather look at the common things differently. If you have that then you can be an inventor.

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You can be from any part of life, from the manufacturer, to seller. Or can be the quality checker or even the consumer. All you need is that idea which can improve the way things work. So this is what you need to be an inventor. Your idea and passion can help you to become a successful inventor.


So by now you must have understood how important an Invention is to the modern world. Also that you just need the idea and passion to be an inventor.

Finally if you have an Invention which you have patented and you are ok to share with people then comment below. I will be eager to write a story on your invention.


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