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Task List Management using Simple Techniques

Since you have started your business, lot of items has automatically added to your Task List. So you should start organising them before it becomes a nightmare to handle. Hence let me give you some task list management techniques to handle them.


task list - checklist

Checklist is one of the oldest technique of task list management. Since you just need to write down your task list some where, it is easy to adopt. Finally check all the items you have completed, isn’t it  so simple! Yet, this technique works well only for short lists. So if you want to use it for your business you will need something more organised.

Daily Diary

Since managing checklist needs a more organised approach as it grows therefore you will need a diary. A daily diary is an awesome place to manage your task list. So write down the tasks and check them once you have completed them. The main benefit of using daily diary is the date specific task list. So you can schedule some of your tasks for future dates as well. Also copy the tasks you didn’t complete to the next day.


task list - white board

While you can write in a diary, but when you are working in a team you will need a more viable solution. So you can use boards such as black board or white boards. In addition I have seen people using initials of team members while adding a task to the list. It is upto you and your team members, how well you can use it.

Sticky Notes

task list - sticky notes

These are one of techniques common in households. I have seen them being used in the kitchens. 🙂 Also they are very effective and now a days you can see them in most of the workstations. People like it to be pasted in front of them so that it keeps reminding them what tasks they have to do.

Todo, Doing, Done

This is one way of classifying your task list, and you can club them along with other techniques mentioned above. So you divide the list into 3 sections on the basis of its current status. You can even mark the borders permanently to avoid mixing of the sub lists.

Today, This Week, This Month, This Quarter, This Year

This is another method of dividing your task list. So in this method you divide your task list on the basis of its due date. Although you don’t have to plan in so much detail. You can use use only few of these like it is done in the next technique.

Today, This Iteration, Next Iteration, Backlog

In this technique the classification is done on the basis of iterations. The iterations are of specific timeframes. Normally they are between 1 to 3 weeks. In fact it is this technique which forms a foundation of Agile Methodologies using sprints and iterations.

What Task List management techniques do you use?

I have tried to include most the the techniques here. Still if I have missed some do share them in the comments below. So let me know what techniques you are using. Also if you have some unique tweaks to these then I am really eager to know. Share them and I will try to add them in the article.

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