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Web Hosting Services for your Website

Why do you need Web Hosting Services? So here is your answer. You need a web host so that you can share your files with other people on Internet. In addition these files can be your blog, your company website, a complete application or simply a photo gallery. Thus what ever may be your requirement, you need a place where you can keep these files.

So now you will need to find the best web hosting for your website. But before that let me explain you the different types of web hosting services.

Types of Web Hosting

1. Dedicated Hosting.

You are getting a dedicated server here. Also it is a physical machine which you can control remotely. Thus you are fully responsible for managing the server. These type of hosting is expensive and should be taken only if the need is there. There is predictable monthly charge you will have to pay even if you don’t need them. So, chose them wisely or you can consider the next option.

2. Shared Hosting.

As a startup you will not have enough traffic. So shared hosting is cost effective way of getting your website up. It is because you will be sharing the same machine with multiple customer. This allows the web hosting services to give you the servers at affordable pre decided monthly or annual cost. As a startups you can get started on shared hosting.

3. Cloud Hosting

This is a different ball game. Unlike the above two, cloud hosting is a virtual machine. You will not get machine, rather a virtual machine. It is more of the software rather than hardware driven. Most of the cloud hosting are well managed and you will not have to worry about the security, antivirus, etc. Also it is easy to scale. Pricing is also “Pay as You Go”, you only pay for what you use.

Now that you know the different types of web hosting, you will need to figure out what services will suit  you best. It also depends a lot on you budget and traffic predications. So here is the list of Web Hosting Services currently available on the internet.

List of Web Hosting Services

1. Amazon AWS

Amazon is the company which has changed the whole eco system of the web hosting world. They were the first to bring out cloud based web hosting services. They hold most of the market share in the cloud hosting space. Also the free plan is very much suits most of the startups.

Web Hosting Services - AWS

2. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a major player in the cloud hosting eco system. Like Amazon it also has lot of inner services which can be used to develop your own website. You can always start with its free plan.

web hosting services - azure

In addition you can apply for BizSpark promotion which is specially for startups.

web hosting services - azure bizspark

3. Google Clouds

Google completes the top 3 of the cloud hosting. When you take service from Google you also get the  other services which can help you in marketing your startup.

web hosting services - google clouds

Like Microsoft, Google also has special plans for startups. Here is the details below.

web hosting services - google clouds for startups

Now let us checkout some of the shared hosting providers.

4. Dreamhost

Dreamhost has been there from 1997. Unlike the most of the other shared hosting providers Dreamhost doesn’t use cpanel. It will be a learning curve for them who are used to cpanel. For others  it will be just another dashboard. Along with it domain registration service it will makes a good package deal, as you will get a domain for free.

web hosting services - dreamhost

5. Godaddy

There was around 2008-2012 when Godaddy was ruling the shared hosting market. But recently they are not on the choice list of the consumers. The main reason for the Godaddy popularity was it high discounts, which have dried out a little bit. Of course until you are their club member which allows extra discount. Yet, it is one of the top web hosting service provider. It will take some time to move it out of the top 10.

web hosting services - godaddy


As you can see, the hosting eco system is divided between cloud hosting and shared hosting services. It all depends upon your budget and type of requirements, to decide on which service to register with.

Let me know which web hosting services you are using for your startup, by commenting below. Also if you have any query then go ahead and ask them. Do share your stories, we are eager to hear from you.


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