Startup Elf Launched

Welcome to Startup Elf. Startup Elf is the Angel which will help you in every phase of your startup. It is the website where you will get new information & tips for your startups daily.

So let me introduce my self, the founder of Startup Elf. I am Neeraj Jaiswal, founder and CEO of Appnimi, an app development venture which I started in 2010. I am happy to say that it will be completing 6 years very soon. I am also an online instructor with more than 8500 students on Udemy. I have also been involved in multiple startups and have gone through the full life cycle.

I always wanted to share the knowledge which I gained to help the other startups. I am very excited to have started Startup Elf. I will be ver please if the information on the blog will help you in any way.

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