web hosting services

Web Hosting Services for your Website

Why do you need Web Hosting Services? So here is your answer. You need a web host so that you can share your files with other people on Internet. In addition these files can be your blog, your company website, a complete application or simply a photo gallery. Thus what ever may be your requirement, […]

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domains registration

Domain Registration Services for your Website

If you already have a company name in mind then you should register the domain. Domain registration is the first step towards taking your business online. In addition to that you should ensure that your company domain name is available. So when you are deciding on your company name, you can check the domain availability as […]

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Company Name Generator tools for Startups

Did you know that most of the companies start building up their business before finalising on the company name? As a result some of the companies even keep a temporary name before deciding on a brand name. Consequently it has even led them to have different company name and brand name. Therefore Company Name Generator tools are incredible tools […]

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startup phase - featured

Startup Phases for your new Business

When you are working on setting up a startup, it is very important to understand what are the startup phases. Although there are many opinions on this topic, still you can identify a lifecycle which is common for most of the startups. In this article I will be sharing with you the most common and accepted opinion […]

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Startup Elf Launched

Welcome to Startup Elf. Startup Elf is the Angel which will help you in every phase of your startup. It is the website where you will get new information & tips for your startups daily.

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